Our Process

Understanding You

Our process begins with endeavoring to understand each client’s personal mission, spiritual beliefs and/or core values. We believe there is no way for us to create a viable financial plan for you unless we understand as clearly as possible what you see for yourself as your life’s meaning, purpose or higher calling. This could range from actively contributing towards ending world hunger, to raising the best kids you possibly can, to setting foot on each continent, to being sure a special needs grandchild is always provided for… the possibilities are limitless. This is why our first step is to understand YOU.

Centered Wealth Plan

Next, we couple our understanding of these larger values/goals with a more traditional financial planning approach to develop your Centered Wealth Plan. This plan provides traditional projections for things such as retirement planning and education funding, as well as outlines recommendations on aligning your core values with the financial decisions you are faced with currently, or may be faced with in the future.

Centered Wealth Portfolio

Finally, we construct a portfolio proposal that integrates this personalized Centered Wealth Plan into the current global socio-economic, political, and environmental investment megatrends to create your Centered Wealth Investment Portfolio solution. We believe that when our clients align their investment choices with their deepest core values they become more committed to their own success.

Centered Wealth Planning

Through Vanderbilt Financial Group we offer comprehensive, fee-based financial planning centered on our clients’ core values. This planning enhances your Centered Wealth Investment Portfolio (link) design process.

This service includes:

    ▪ Benefits of Centered Wealth Planning
    • Centered Wealth assessment (what makes you “you” and how that is best expressed in the world)
    • Creating financial goals that match with your personal vision of Centered Wealth
    • Short-term and long-term investment projections needed to achieve those goals
    • Risk analysis for insurance needs: life, disability, long-term care & health
    • “Retirement” or second-stage of life saving and investment planning
    • Estate planning strategies in harmony with your Centered Wealth vision (in consultation with your attorney)
    • Tax strategies (in consultation with your accountant)
    • Cash flow and net worth assessments as needed

This service is supported by our Centered Wealth Portal technology, which provides:

    • Online up-to-date aggregation of all your investment and banking accounts (those held with us and other institutions)
    • Secure storage of legal and/or investment documents (or anything else you want instant access to)
    • Upload your data into your advisor’s tool box to use in your planning process- you choose who sees what information on your portal.
    • Other professionals (eg Attorney and/or Accountant) can be given access to be sure everyone is working in coordination with each other.

Centered Wealth Portfolio

Our approach to designing your Centered Wealth Investment Portfolio aims to integrate your Centered Wealth Plan (link), life interests, social screens, risk tolerance, and investment objectives. Once the portfolio is invested the investment strategy is reviewed with clients at least semiannually and continually adjusted for performance and risk management. When appropriate, we also bring in alternative asset classes to add greater diversity to the portfolio.

The goal of this integrated approach to investment management is to better connect your core values and investment goals to the specific investments in your portfolio. We bring traditional tools of asset allocation and risk management to the process and together work out the optimal Centered Wealth Investment Portfolio solution.

We find that the results of this Centered Wealth approach are that clients experience greater inspiration, peace of mind, and sense of empowerment in relation to their money.